"Sheath your sword and think for a moment before taking action!" - Katakura Kojuro

Katakura Kojuro, (also called his "right eye"), is Date Masamune's friend and Second in Command.

He has dark brown hair, dark eyes and a scar on his face. He wears a dusty brown jacket trimmed with turquoise, a dark brown shirt and khaki pants. His weaponary consists of a single sword, which he is a master with.

He guides the young warrior through difficult tasks, though he does annoy Masamune by worrying too much.

In the anime, Kujoro looks after Masamune pretty much the same way he does in the games.



Other Referances

This article is on the Sengoku BASARA take on the Japanese general, Katakura Kojuro. If you want to read about the real person, here is a link.